One of the main activities of the Graphite design studio is architectural design. It is always an individual, technically difficult job that requires considerable knowledge and experience. We create projects of stylish, comfortable, and most importantly unique buildings that meet all your desires and needs. The house built according to our project will delight you for many years.

As already mentioned, the process of creating a project, as well as its cost, is always individual. Much here depends on the area, the number of floors, the complexity of the project, the desired style, the number of development options. In addition to architects, a visualizer and contractors involved in electrics, construction and others take part in the project.

During the design process, we provide advice on all your questions, monitor the work of the involved specialists on the project, make recommendations on the construction work, the choice of materials, etc.

Fill out the call order form for more detailed information on architectural design, cost, stages of work. We will definitely contact you and advise you in detail.

Stages of work on an architectural project

  • At the heart of all the work are your wishes for the number of rooms,
  • number of floors, total area, style.
  • In addition, the initial data of the site selected for construction are important.
Development of sketches
  • According to the received data, a planning solution is being developed
  • and drawings of facades with sections, calculations are carried out.
  • This is the most difficult stage of architectural design,
  • already on its basis, all subsequent work on the project is carried out.
  • With a total area of 100 sq.m. the cost of the preliminary design is:
1000 rub per m2
  • Based on the rendered drawings, the visualizer
  • performs the drawing of photorealistic images of the project,
  • which give a vision of the future of the house, garage
  • or a commercial building.
Working draft
  • In architectural design of great importance
  • it has an engineering part consisting of heating, water supply, electrics.
  • From the technical component of the project
  • your future comfort and safety depends.
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