Interior design is our core business. Many years of experience allows us to think over the interior to the smallest detail, from a functional point of view, taking into account all your needs and wishes. We take into work objects with an area of ​​55 m2 or more.
We also cooperate with the best construction companies. You can order a design project with its subsequent turnkey implementation. Our partners will competently perform repairs of any complexity.

Interior equipment includes the selection of finishing materials, plumbing, furniture, interior items, lighting devices, textiles, etc. This service will help save your time, make the right choice, and also save you from the tiring running around the shops.

Currently, the real estate market is saturated with versatile options for apartments. It is not always possible to correctly stop the selection on the desired object. We will help you decide on the most suitable layout, the possibility of adjusting it to your needs, assess the quality of the apartment and the amount of costs necessary for its improvement.

Interior design prices

  • -Overview of the possibilities of your apartment
  • – Familiarity with clean materials
  • – Preliminary calculation of the cost of repairs
10 000 rub.
Planning solution
  • -Measurement plan
  • -Plan with the arrangement of furniture (up to 3 options)
  • -Dismantling plan
  • -Installation plan
750 rub. per m2
  • 3d visualization – photorealistic image of the future interior
2000 rub. per m2
  • -Measurement plan
  • -Reconstruction plan
  • -Furniture layout plan
  • -floor plan
  • – Underfloor heating plan
  • – Plan of doorways
  • – Ceiling plan
  • – Plan of ceilings. Levels.
  • – Plan of ceilings. Finishing.
  • – Plan of arrangement of fixtures
  • – Lighting control scheme
  • – Layout plan for sockets and switches
  • -Plan showing the types of walls
  • – Wall sweeps
  • – List of finishing materials
  • – Specification of furniture and equipment, indicating the articles and their quantity
1750 rub. per m2
  • Measurement plan
  • Plan with furniture arrangement (up to 3 options)
  • 3d rendering
  • Dismantling plan
  • Mounting plan

2750 per m2

  • Measurement plan
  • Plan with furniture arrangement (up to 3 options)
  • 3d rendering
  • Complete package of construction drawings
  • Specification of furniture and equipment
  • List of finishing materials

4500 per m2

  • Author’s support of construction at the implementation stage:
  • Rough work
  • Check before finishing work
  • Finishing work
  • Finishing work

30 000 rubles per month

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